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Growing up, I had this deal with my parents that I could stay up as late as I wanted as long as I was reading. Being the rebel that I was, I would hide under my covers every night and read my Shel Silverstein books cover to cover. Eventually, I began scribbling my own silly poems onto sticky notes and placed them perfectly onto the pages of my books. By the age of 10, my work had nearly doubled the size of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and tripled, “A Light in the Attic”.

By the third grade, this hobby had become a passion as I entered and won a state-wide poetry contest. From a young age, I noticed I was happiest in haikus and limericks and found my voice within the margins of my journals, filled with deep thoughts in bright purple ink.

Eventually, my poems got replaced by academic essays and my purple ink was subbed out for 12-point, Times New Roman lettering. The transition was not a somber one though, for I was no longer confined to just poetry in order to speak my truth. I was being introduced to a whole new world of expression.

I now have a different expressive outlet for every facet of my personality. Having explored my artistic and creative side in my prerequisite multimedia classes, I am currently traversing the world of environmentalism through my writing internship with The Clean Kick. This student- run platform has shown me how to write, edit, and publish pieces that educate the public on sustainability and intersectionality.

While I have come into my own as a writer throughout the years, my eagerness to explore new ways to express myself is ever-growing. Classes such as online web creation, public speaking and writing for social sciences have shown me new mediums that transport me back to my childhood bedroom where I first found my voice in those late-night sticky note poetry parties. Unveiling the truth that I am never done learning or growing as a writer.

The story above is a writing sample from my Professional Writing Minor Portfolio. Supplemented with photographs that my best friend took, this story means a lot to me and I hope it resonates with you and you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

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