The illustrations below are from a small Instagram campaign that I created on Canva about why people should shop at small, sustainable shops as opposed to large, fast-fashion companies. In my internship with Lola Faturoti Loves, I have taken on the task of creating content on a wide range of sustainable topics. Combining information that I learned in my classes as an Environmetal Studies major and my own research, I use my multimedia skills to spread awareness about the environmental topics that I feel are most pressing for our times. Check out Lola's Instagram to see more of my designs!

My intership challenges me to use a wide range of platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Canva to name a few. Everyday, I am given the opportunity to refine my graphic design skills and learn new things about the art and about myself as a content creator. No matter how much time and energy I put into my work, I know that I am never truly done learning and improving on these life-long skills.

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